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Default Re: Recs for a Heat Sealing Tool?

Originally Posted by RachL View Post
I'm terrified of my woodburner. So it just sits in a corner. LOL.

So I use a 'taper' candle. I precut all my ribbon (while watching TV, or whatever), and then I light the candle and sit there and seal the ends. It's actually faster for me to do it this way, than use the woodburning tool because I can go faster with cuts, and with heat sealing - compared to the amount of time it would take me just use the woodburner.

Hope that helps!

I am still scared of mine! LOL I attached my cord to the edge of craft table. That way if I drop it, it won't hit the floor just dangle in mid air. It wouldn't be good if I burned a whole in are hardwood floor, plus I would probably get burned reaching for it.
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