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Originally Posted by rhg80644 View Post
Which glue gun is that? Sounds interesting - especially that it will do fine lines. I have one of the mini low temp ones - it does ok, but I end up getting glue strings everywhere.....on the bows, on me, on the chair where I work on my bows. It would be great to have one that's cordless (w/batteries) & that does fine work.
The one I have has a detachable cord but is not cordless (w/batteries). I have never used it in this capacity, but think that you would only be able to remove the cord and use it for a quick fix, then plug it back in (I'll have to get the book out and see). The name of it is the Ultimate Glue Gun by Aileen. You can buy it at Michael's. I like it alot, but might buy this one also to have just for when I am out and about; that is if we get a good report on how it performs. I'll be waiting to hear.
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