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Smile Nylon Headbands

Hello everyone =)! I came across this site just now after endlessly searching for instructions on how to make nylon headbands. I had ordered some from ebay for my daughter and I just absolutely love them. Now I want to make some myself!

I am sure there are instructions here somewhere but I cannot seem to find them. I have found a few threads but now with complete instructions.

If anyone could point my in the right direction I would absolutely appreciate it!! The headbands I have are the panty hose material and seem to be seamless. They fit my 3 month old daughter and me! A few questions I have are:

- How to Make them (obviously lol!)
- Where to buy the material (is it actually panty hose or do they sell that same material at Joann's?)
- How long do I make them
- How to make different colors (I am assuming dye but what kind?)

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help! I have too many questions lol. Thanks again! =).
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