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When making flowers, play with the length of your ribbons.

1. Cut 3 x 5" length. The first ribbon, mark your center at 2.5".

2. Using your marked ribbon as your center, tack needle but only halfway (from the bottom, Refer Step 5 pic). Spread the ribbons out as per pic.

3. Notes on pic.

4. It doesn't matter which next ribbon you start with first. =) I went Left.. Do this with the rest of the ribbons.

5. This is how the back looks like

6. Done.


1.Take one 5" ribbon with marking at 2.5" as your center. Needle into the center ribbon. Bring the tip down into the needle.

2. Do same with the 2nd.

3. Then sew it off. You'll get this.


I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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