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Originally Posted by birmantaz View Post
I just lined clips last night and loved using Magnatac. It was my second try with it, the first time I didn't like how long it took to dry. But, last night for some reason the glue gun wasn't cooperating and the clips were looking all bumpy from the glue. So I pulled out the Magnatac and tried it again and it was great! Very neat and smooth and if I wanted to make sure the ribbon stayed put while waiting for it to dry I used another alligator clip to hold it in place. It only needed 2-3 minutes until it set, so not too long. I'm glad I gave it another try, I don't think I will go back to the glue gun to line clips...
Do you buy yours locally? The only place that I can find it is on eBay and the shipping is $5...don't really want to pay $5 just to get it here!!!
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