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i notice some people asking about the lead in the crystals and what is safe ...(also some asked about the side effects... heres what i know.

a little boy swallowed a charm made out of 25% lead and died in his mothers arms less than 3 days later (25% is over 300 times the legal limit.) anothr thing to remember mainly when buying toys for your children. the only legal statute here in the us is the lead in paint statute. so since lead in found in other items such as small charms and trinkets, as well as some lunch boxes, and other plastic items, they are still not covered by any legal areas, unless they have paint on them. I went and bought a lead test kit from my hardware store (actually i bought five lol) they usually only have between 5-10 test swabs in them, but they run for $20 or around there. I freaked when i found out a toy my daughter had from fisher price had lead. I mean come on, its really scary when you have to be carefull of the top brand names in this country. They should just spend the extra money to have stuff produced here, then we wouldnt have this problem, and the economy might be a little better......sorry for the rant, but i got carried away. my littlest daughter chews on EVERYTHING! and since thats the most common way for lead to be trasmitted, i have been testing EVERYTHING she gets her hands on.... Ive been scared ever since ready those cases about the little kids.

anyways thanks for mentioning those crystals have lead, now im not getting those again, i can use glitter and a little glue to create bling for my bows....
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