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Originally Posted by birmantaz View Post
I just lined clips last night and loved using Magnatac. It was my second try with it, the first time I didn't like how long it took to dry. But, last night for some reason the glue gun wasn't cooperating and the clips were looking all bumpy from the glue. So I pulled out the Magnatac and tried it again and it was great! Very neat and smooth and if I wanted to make sure the ribbon stayed put while waiting for it to dry I used another alligator clip to hold it in place. It only needed 2-3 minutes until it set, so not too long. I'm glad I gave it another try, I don't think I will go back to the glue gun to line clips...
That's great to know. Right now, it is cold here and when it gets cold in the house, the glue gun doesn't cooperate and the glue does just what you're saying, it gets lumpy under the ribbon and I don't like that!

I'll have to try the Magnatac. Thanks for telling!

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