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Default Re: Pricing for Korkers!

jumping in here....

for my korkers when attatching to a pony-o I sew in a straight piece of ribbon to the korker, glue that to the pony-o and then glue the straight pc of ribbon around it. I use hot glue (you can use other craft glues too) and make sure the the seam of the pony-o (if it's ouchless) is glues to the inside of the korker. They hold great for me. I make them for the sport teams on base for the younger kids and I make them for my dd all the time too.

My mini korkers which measure almost 2" but only use 12-15 pcs, I charge $5 per set, my small korkers that are 2" but FULL at 20-25 pcs are $7, and my large korkers at 3"-3.5" that use atleast 32 pcs are $8 a pair. I mainly sell the small korkers around here.
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