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Default Re: Bowmaker vs. Top Notch

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
I don't know what the Brilliant Bowmaker Bow Making System is. I just received my TNT templates yesterday and I am a little awkward with them. Maybe I just need to work with it more. Il ike the fact that your loops with all be even. I am just having trouble when it comes to sewing the middle section and where to put my stitches. My main reason for purchasing it was because of the ability to produce bows at a faster pace. I am sure that will happen if I continue to work with it.
Thanks for letting me know. I usually work with TOTT, and the gator bite, but I have a request from a boutique owner. she wants bows with out tails, and I don't know how to make them. I saw you can make it with the TNT and the Brilliant Bow Making System, so I was wondering which one is the best.

Thanks again

Karla Allen
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