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Default Simple, Tiny Angel Clippy Instructions! =)

girls, i'm so soorry for being annoying and breaking my promise...lmao... Here's a lil' simple angel for y'all. I saw this design last year (obviously not my design and I just modified the wings) and since I'm making a set for DD tomorrow, I'm figured why not share the steps, right? =)

Let's start!

-1/2" Pom Pom ball-> Head ( I call it furball..lmao)
- 1/8" yellow ribbon->For the Halo. (Mine is satin as this is the only one I hv on hand...gotta luv old stash, huh?)
- 3/8 White Sheer ribbon-> Wings (what I hv on hand,
Edit to add - 5/8 White GG a.k.a grosgrain.. =) (Thanks Shanna for letting me know )
- Glue (I used Fabric Tac)
- Needle and Thread... =)

1. Cut the GG 3" x 1, Sheer 2.5" x 2 (One end was cut slanted, other end left as is) and the Halo 1.5"

2. Take the 3" GG and start the sewing/gathering (small stitch).

3. Pull your the thread and sew both ends together. It'll look like a gathered mini skirt. Figure of speech..

4. Glue the head on top of the gathering. Head should "sit" nicely. Mine did. Consider sewing to double secure it: head unto the bodice. Pic also show the front side of the angel.

5. Take your Yellow ribbon and tack it together to make a nice round shape as per the pic.

6. Glue the halo unto the head.

7. Notes on pic.

8. Glue the wings to the back as pictured.

9. Notes on the pic.

10. My DD's angels... Tadaaa,,,,...

Okies..gotta jet to pick up DS. If I miss any notes/steps, I'll edit again after I come

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.

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