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Default Re: How to double knot when using Gator-Bite?

Originally Posted by kimberlea_6703 View Post
Yeah a knot with one string definitely would not make sense, LOL. I don't take my thread through the bow. both ends of the thread go through both slits in the GB. I then do the half knot and bring the ends back through and so on. Sorry I didn't read that someone else did it the other way or I would have clarified for you

Overall all ways mentioned work great, it's just a matter of finding one that works the quickest for you. KWIM?
LOL. I know all the methods will work I just want to have my options so if one isn't working for me I have another option.

So, the way you do it is have the needle on one end of your string, pull both ends through the gator, half knot, thread needle through the bow, half knot again?? I think I got it, just want to make sure! lol

Oh wait! I am mixing up two people's methods. You first tie the knot with elastic thread, take it out, then sew it and remove elastic thread? Oh my, I am really confused now! lol

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