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Default Re: How to double knot when using Gator-Bite?

I must be an idiot! lol. I am definitely a visual person. I think I understand most of your techniques. I finally get the "shoelace tying" one. Lol.

Originally Posted by kimberlea_6703 View Post
Exactly, I do half knots 3 times before actually double knoting it off. That way it stays tight when you do that last knot.

So I put the thread though the GB and do a half knot (do the first half knot of the backside of the bow) then flip it over and bring the thread back through the GB and do another half knot (on the frontside) then once again flip it over and pull your thread through again and then this time when you do your half knot pull tight. The middle will "sinch" together and you'll have your 3 bumps. Tie it off... I usually knot it about 3 times just to be safe. After that remover your GB and cut your thread ends.

I'll take pics if you want
I don't get how you make a knot if you only have one string. Make sense? So if you thread through the bow in the gator bite, how do you do a half knot? If you can take pics I would be grateful! LOL! Thanks

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