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Default Re: How to double knot when using Gator-Bite?

Originally Posted by alibug View Post
I did go to the site. I was confused on when you tied and stuff. Do you just tie it like that once, flip it over and do steps 1-4 on the other side?



do you understand step 1-7 ...pretend the shoe is the gator/bow... the 2 ends have come up under/thru and around the bow/gator ok...

now if you do step 1-7 with step 7 pulling the bow into position this will hold the bow in place with tension alone... you wont have to keep pulling it. taking the 2 ends on the same side you will do step 1-4... this is basically a modified sqaure knot.

ok... now if you are still lost, show your husband the pics and directions and Im sure he can explain the steps to you as most men love to show off their practical abilities.

if I had a web cam I would make you a video but I dont sorry... LOL maybe I should go get one LMAO
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