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Default Re: How to double knot when using Gator-Bite?

Originally Posted by Hampton+Harlow View Post
I actually use a needle and thread (upholstery thread). It works great!

I thread the needle so it is double and tie a knot and the end. Push the needle through the center of the folded bow when it is still in the Gator Bite. Wrap the thread around the bow and pull it tight (You'll have to slip the needle through the space in the Gator Bite). Keep tension on the bow when you pull it out and it works perfectly. Then you can wrap it a few more times and add a few stitches to secure the folds.

I'm not very good at instructions, but I HTH. do you get it folded first before you thread the needle through the bow? Or do you put the needle in while it is in Gator Bite before it is folded, then wrap thread around and pull to get folds, then tie off?

Originally Posted by slmmm View Post
I use the thick elastic thread, to tie. I tie, take it out of the gator and then sew. After that, I remove the elastic. I tie the elastic in a double knot but leave one end as a loop then when you pull it it pops right off. All you have to do is then remove it. Just don't sew through the elastic.
I tried the elastic thread, but it would slip before I took it off the Gator Bite. How do you get it to double knot without it slipping?

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