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Default Re: Ribbon Tees, with detachable bow??

when I sew the ribbon on the shirts- I first sew together 2 or 3 pieces of ribbon with a matching thread- then I use the sewable iron on fusion (such as you would use for a no sew hem) I iron the shirt- then place the fusion tape in a straight line and iron down then I remove the paper backing- place the ribbon on and iron that down- then I sew it to the shirt. It is easier for me to get the ribbon straight that way- if the shirt has a side seam I will open it and put the ribbon inside and sew back- if no seam- I fold the ribbon under and sew it or- sew ribbon all the way around on onsies and make a bow to pin on the back or front.
I use a pin to make it removable (just like the above reply)
I hope this helps- if not, let me know and I will be more than glad to try to help again

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