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Default Re: Not sure if I'm doing this correctly...

Originally Posted by beachobxcat View Post
I think they look great. I have only made 2 or 3. I hate making them too. But they are a nice change. I just hate when you go to finish the back of them when you put the center on.
Thanks! I myself don't care for the back, but I figur when they're being worn, that won't show!

Those look really good. I hand sew mine (I've never thought about using the sewing machine) and then sew it to the pony elastic and then glue my center around it all. If you start sewing yours to the pony elastic are you still going to use the sewing machine to stitch all the ribbons together? If so how are you going to do it?
Thanks! I think I'll have to play around with it to know if I'll continue to use the machine. I'll give it a go in a few. I'll try it with the machine for the ribbon, maybe "scrunch" it, and run that through with the band. I'll then wrap it and se how it turns out. It seams like it'd be easy enough to at least try...

I think they look great. I love making streamers, they are one of my favorites. I make mine exactly the same way. I glue the pony to the ribbon then wrap the thread around and add the top knot. They never fall apart.
Thank you! Awesome. I'm happy to know I'm doing it correctly. I think I'll try sewing them to the band as well. I was worried that if someone was a little too harsh with it, that it might not stay on the band. I feel better knowing that your stay perfectly. I'm not worried about mine now!

while i don't make them..and probably won't since many of you think they are a "pain"...I think yours look lovely. I especially like the pink/animal/brown one
Not really a "pain" just time consumming. Korkers are a PAIN imo! lol
Thanks again for the compliment!
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