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Default Re: Not sure if I'm doing this correctly...

Originally Posted by unbrokendreamz View Post
i think you did a good job.. instid of gluing the ribbon to the pony o its best to sew it, then wrap the thread around a few times and tie off. oh yes they are a pain.. it took me 10 days to make 20 of them. each day i did something like first cut and measured ribbon then put the ribbon in color combos i wanted, next day took fabri tac and glued the ribbon in the order i wanted it, next day sewed them by hand, and blah blah the list goes on. i need to get a wood burner and a desk for my sewing machine!! i think it will be less time consuming if i have those things on hand lol.
I think I will sew it, under everyone advice! Thanks for the compliment. I need a woodburner as well, and my daughters desk doubles as my sewing space, so I have only a few square inches to work with!
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