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Default advice on Michigan bow

Alright, I am trying to make a Michigan bow to match an outfit. All I have of the outfit are the socks that are in the pics. I am having problems with the center. I don't have any yellow or navy blue that match the colors on the bow. In one of the pics, there is a piece of yellow/black ribbon where the yellow matches, but not the black, since there is no black on the bow. Should I use white for the center since there is white on the socks, it will match...right or should I use the yellow/black? DH says to use yellow/black, but I don't know. Should I just go to Michael's tomorrow and get some darn navy to match?
Let me know any other advice or critsism you may have...PLEASE BE HONEST! I want the truth. I promise I will not cry myself to sleep or hate you forever if you tell me its horrible and start all over, OK! Sorry if the picture quality makes it hard to see what I'm talkin' about.


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