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Default Re: Are you guys selling lined alligator clips at shows?

Originally Posted by diana26 View Post
so the plained ones sell well? you just take your alligator clip and line it and voila??
They do here, in north Louisiana. and in south Arkansas. Have some picks of them on babies, toddlers and big kids (I use them to pull dd's "bangs" that are growing out, out of her face).

I use a double prong alligator clip from sallies beauty supply. I have them in solids, dots, prints, argyle, etc. They work beautifully partially lined on big kids with thicker hair and fully lined on the smaller kids or kids with really fine hair, and you could no-slip grip them if you wanted. I sold more of that this year than bows. I sell them 1.50 each or buy 3 get 1 free. I've not tried selling them in sets yet.

Michelle and APB
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