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Default Re: Hot Glue? Tutor needed!!

OK, let me say this, no they aren't all the same, construction glue sticks melt better/smoother....but when lining alligator clips I learned a cool way to do it with very few lumps. I don't know if anyone will be able to understand, I won't be able to take pics until about Thanksgiving though because we are moving next week.

If you open the alligator clip and place the ribbon inside it where you would start lining, but don't put any glue in it, then take the glue gun and put the glue between the prongs and then smear it smoothly on the prongs and quickly lay flat your top piece, you are gluing the bottom and top at the same time and get far fewer lumps and a better hold because it's gluing the fabric to the fabric not just the metal (which glue can pull off of fairly easily). I always make certain to smear it flat with the tip of the gun when doing the sqeezy part and then do the same thing to the bottom of the clip if you are fully lining them ( I only partially line most of mine because it's easier to get into their hair that way).

Don't know if that made sense or not...If I get time before me move I'll take pics. No guarantees though.

Michelle and APB
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