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Default Basic basic Tulip Instructions! :)

Hello friends! =).... Gonna share my version of Tulip. It's basic so there's room for improvement and improvisation! Use your imagination and creativity to make it better and to your liking/taste.

Here we go!

Ribbon used is: 5/8 for the Tulip

1. Cut ribbon into 2 x 2.5" and 1 x 1". I prefer to heat-seal now.

2. Your 1" ribbon. Fold center pyramid-like as shown and glue!. Do not cut the excess.

3. Your 2 x 2" ribbons.

4. And should look like this:

5. Take your folded 1" ribbon and insert it into the middle of the glued 2" (Pic on Step 4).

6. Another pic sample

7. Apply glue at the bottom of the excess part of the center petal. Before applying glue, make sure it's centered. The tip of the petal should be right in the middle of the other 2 petals.

8. After glueing the center petal and both tips are glued down, it should look like this. Sorry, this pic is not clear. This pic also shows the back of the Tulip.

9. Now, for the other 2 sides, fold the corner just a tad. Since I used Fabric Tac, I hold it down for few secs with clippy. Make sure it's straight and proportionally folded. This is the back view of the Tulip.

10. Should look like this: Left Side is the front, Right Side is the back.

11. Left Side shows an untrim bottom. Right Side is where I cut so that it has a round bottom.

12. Final Tulip:

The pic does not show that it has a 3D look but actually it does. It's all in the less-glue-used (hence, I only apply glue like in Step 3). My first attempt of Tulip posted few days ago does not hv a 3D look as I applied ALOT of

Feel free to add stems as Michelle's Tulips and leaves etc etc. Like I've wrote in the beginning, your imagination/creativity to make it better is your only limit.

Edit: Here's the link to the new Gymbo Line:

HTH and not confusing.. =)

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.

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