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Default They are FINALLY here!

I have only waited 3 weeks for these dang pictures! These were the 2nd round from the first ones that turned out horrible. After the first ones, we decided to do all white with just a prop so that the bows stand out better. I think most are good. I was hoping with just the onesies they wouldn't look too "white trash" but I think they turned out good for what we wanted to do. I'm a little ticked because I paid a lot for the copyrighted pictures, but I spent well over 2 hours tonight re-editing them because they weren't bright enough. There are 82 out of 243 on here, so that's why you're getting a link Let me know what you think! You can tell me you don't like them, and I won't care because I'm not doing this a 3rd time-hahaha

Most of the models are is my dd, 3 are nieces, and one is my sister in law!

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