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Default Re: Help!! Tying off pinwheel/boutique bows

Hello. If you like working with the wire..... Get a pair of needle nose pliers. Just twist the wire as you normally would and then put the two wire ends together and pinch and hold with the pliers. Then twist the bow while the pliers are held steady. Beware of how tight you get it.... It will get so tight that the wire will break. HTH

Originally Posted by AlliMaeDesigns View Post
Hi! I just purchased loads of ribbon and I'm ready to delve into making lots of pinwheel and boutique bows. Up until now, I have been using florist's wire to tie off the center of the bow. I can't seem to get the wire tight enough to keep the center pinched together to my liking. I have been searching for the stretchcord, but my Wal-Mart no longer carries it. All I have found is stretchy cord (.7mm or .5mm) that is used for stringing beads. Does anyone know how I can either (1) find some stretch cord, (2) keep my wire tight, or (3) use another method that works : ) Thanks so much!!

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