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Default Re: Dumb question, but I'll ask no-slip

Originally Posted by kimberlea_6703 View Post
Not a dumb question at all. I use velvet quite often, I line my clip with grosgrain and then cut a small piece of velvet (about 1"... maybe smaller) and glue it to the underbelly of the clip. Works great and I have customers who actually prefer the velvet over other non slip materials.


Me too. I prefer velvet over foam-type materials because it is washable (nylon glued on with Fabri-Tac) and won't come apart over time. I use 1/4 velvet to line the underside of clips so I won't have to worry about lining it up *perfectly* so that it won't show. I do also use 3/8 velvet to fully line clips for holiday clippies.

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