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Originally Posted by olivia-mom View Post
OOOOooooohhhh! That looks way nicer!!! I have the surebonder...and mine leaks all over the place too--do you have that problem Rene'?
No, I haven't. Usually there is just one small drip on my pad. I have noticed that I don't use as many glue sticks as I have done with other guns. I keep the smallest tip on it and the flow is very controlled. The mechanism that you push is on the top side of the handle (I don't know if you can see the white handle in the picture) and fits between your hand and the gun so that you are pushing instead of pulling back toward your hand in order to squeeze the glue out. It seems as though it is not as tough on the hands. I will say however, that I had to get use to the small tip. It seemed like I had to push really hard at first, but now it doesn't seem that way to me - maybe I have it broken in or am just use to it now. I like this gun alot and really like using the small tip. This tips makes doing small, precise jobs (such as hair bows) easier for me. I don't have to worry as much about glue seeping out the sides! This gun can also be unplugged from the cord and used cordless (for a quick glue) if necessary.

One other thing - I had a time figuring out how to change the tip (a small tool comes with it in order to do this), but I think I was just having a moment - no problems now!

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