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Default Re: TNT Bows........

the only time i have to make anything is after 10pm and i stay up making stuff till 3, 4 or 5am. my 18month old wont let me do anything and i dont have a desk so i have to use the coffee table and couch as my work area.

Originally Posted by budsock View Post
I don't have those templates, I have the tott's. I always feel like one loop is off, or I like one side better ( Maybe it's because I'm left handed. lol) . The twisted boutique is hard. It takes practice, even with templates. Just keep trying. I only make bows for my girls. I've ripe out and redone so many it's not funny!!! Mine are okay, but they are getting better. Just keep at it. Not to mention, your trying to work in the middle of the night!!! Get some sleep amd try again tomorrow. Just don't give up.
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