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Default I need a favor from someone who has my Ribbon Sculpture book

Please, I need someone who has my ribbon sculpture book and only the acrobat pdf reader (not the full version) to help me out.

I have a customer who, well, I shall bite my tongue. But she is sending me rude emails accusing me of not sending her the entire file, among other things. I am having a hard time being nice when I am continually assaulted like this. I have no problem helping out. She's even close enough that I'd go over and help her with her bows, but not when someone is being so rude.

But she says can't open the files, she says she can only see the cover page - which tells me she CAN open the file, she just doesn't quite know what she's doing. Each book is set up like a "chapter" you have to click on one to view it.

I can't talk her through it exactly, because I don't know the differences in the reader vs the professional program.

Is there someone who might show me a screenshot or talk me through how they opened their file.

Maybe I'm the idiot here and some versions of acrobat reader really can't see these, but still, being rude and nasty is not necessary. I'm getting pushed to my limit.

Thank you if anyone can help.
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