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Default Re: Anyone have a wide angle lens?

One is 18-55 and the other goes to 200. Here's one of the pics I took yesterday. My girls were'nt cooperating. I did get a few decent closeups, but we have a really cool LOVE statue and your not suppose to get on it.

Here's one of my DD, this is why I thought maybe a wide angle would be better.
syd love.jpg

and maybe this one
Audrey & syd fountain.jpg

These are the close up's that I thought turned out decent. I love how the flowers are blurry in front of my DD. Too bad sh'e not even looking at me. lol What do you think? I just love taking pics of my kids! Especially my girls. My little guy refused to go with us and it was so nice, today is rainy. I'm not going to have many more nice days to try and get all three together.

Audrey flowers resize.jpg
Syd B&W smaller size.jpg
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