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Default Re: does anyone hold their bows together with rubberbands?

I use Sally's Clear Proclaim professional braiding rubberbands. I only use these on basic bows on hair clippies, otherwise I sew them together.
The trick is to hold the bow, over the rubberband, when you hotglue it to the clip. It may burn your finger until you get the hang of it, but if you keep pressure on it until the glue is set, and you immediatly glue your ribbon/bow center on, it won't melt the band and mess your bow all up. It works like a charm, and it much easier/faster IMO than sewing every single bow. I've never had a bow come apart (even accedently being washed) while doing it this way.
Of course, for the bows on shirts and items to be (intentionally) washed, I sew them securely!
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