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Default Re: Anyone has tutorial on flower clip

Originally Posted by alondra View Post
That's right! I might need to go to sleep! LOL. Silk flowers to wear on an alligator clip or to add to a headband.

I don't have any tutorial pics, but maybe this will help?!

1.) Take the stem completely off of your flower.

2.) Completely remove every piece of the flower (petals & center). You will want to make sure that you cut the ENTIRE stem off of the center if you plan on using it as your center piece in place of a rhinestone.

3.) Glue each petal together one after the other.

4.) Add your center...whether it be a rhinestone or the center of the flower.

5.) Line you alligator clip w/ matching ribbon.

6.) Add glue to the top of your alligator clip & attach your silk flower to the clip.

7.) You should be done!!


Here's a picture of what ours look like.

Best of luck!
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