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Default Re: Lining 30mm Snaps

Originally Posted by Sara View Post
Hot glue works well for me - just make sure you are using a high temp glue gun. I do mine in 4 steps (glue, press down ribbon, glue, press down ribbon, etc) to make sure I put the ribbon down when the glue is at its hottest - no bumps.
Hmmm... i saw your clips on Etsy. Beautiful! I wish I can make such delicious looking snap clips. I swear that was what I did. Glue, Press, Glue, Press. The bumps are from the clips though, not the glue. My snappie looks diseased.

Originally Posted by unbrokendreamz View Post
try using hot glue only for the start of the lining and the end of the lining. for the top section i use either fabritac or e-6000. it comes out much smoother looking. pm me if you need more help.
Thanks dearie! I can't get fabric tac here, and I have not patience for e6000 (what a wonderful crafter me! LOL) But I am going to try your method in a while.

Originally Posted by cynthia View Post
angela, hot glue, imho, when it comes to snap clips, are messy.

PMing you later...since you're prolly still sleeping at this
I was awake till 5am last night. What time is that on your end? I paid the price this morning with stumpy toes, disappearing ankles, tree trunk calves. The water retention for this pregnancy is bad... I feel swollen.

Originally Posted by njzmom View Post
your right!!!! i used to be intelligent, but i tell my kids i gave them all my smarts! lol!!!

the "bleu" threw me. i was thinking of a french speaking country!!!
You are half right there!!!! DH is French. And the only reason I used "bleu" was because I ran out of ideas for hotmail ID. Everything darn creative ID I had in mind were taken, even "Bluecows".

OK... "bluecows" is NOT that creative...
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