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Default Re: twisted boutique bow instructions ?

Originally Posted by Veronica's Mami View Post
does anyone have / know wherre i can get twisted boutique bow instructions for free?

i plan on purchasing the TOTT instructions, but i was under the impression that you have to have a bow-maker for those? idk, either way i am going to buy them but i have to wait until next friday & i am impatient!

i also know that nobownogo sells them for $5, but since i plan on buying TOTT's instructions then IMO that is a waste of $$.

please ladies, i have been killing myself trying to learn to do this type of bow on my own (i didn't even know there was a difference between twisted & regular, i thought you just fold the loops differently) - so any help is appreciated!

You do not have to have the bowmaker to make these. I have the bowmaker but do not use it for this bow.
I am sure there is a link to some instructions somewhere, just go to search and type in what twisted boutique. hth
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