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Smile Re: Sewn tutus?

Originally Posted by mdb78 View Post
I've made no sew tutus for my dd and nieces. DH thinks I should sell them too, but not sure since its not sewn. Just wondering, do you tell your customers that its not sewn just to give them a heads up?
I'm relatively new to the tutu world, but I have been telling my customers that I hand-tie my tulle instead of sewing it. I try to put a positive spin on it like "kids just love to pull on things". I think they understand that if it's sewn and gets pulled on, it could leave an ugly rip. But if it's tied using a slip-knot (the knot I prefer) then it will just slide a little instead of ripping. Just an idea.

I saw that "elitist" etsy site and immediately started to doubt my own tutu-making skills...maybe that's her scare off the worthy competition! I'm glad I went ahead anyway because I've sold some lovely tutus and my shoppers have loved them!

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