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Default Re: WHA????? $89 for 6 clips?

Prices are finicky. For instance, I get $10 for my woven headbands. I know people sell them for $4 but I think that is just lunicy. People tell me all the time I should raise my prices but I price by what I feel good with charging. I've got a friend who does this "bow business" stuff and she charges nearly twice what I do on most of her items. She sells them and more power to her but I can't in good conscious price my things in what my opinion is overcharging. My itty bitty bows are $3 and people ask me all the time why a smaller bow (my baby bows are larger and priced at $2.25) is more than a larger bow. Well, they take more time and are harder to make. I don't price by what it cost me to make one of my items I price by time and difficulty level in the production of that item. Yeah, I could price my clips higher but eh, I'm comfortable with $1.50 If you're getting $4 for them you go girl! That rocks!!!
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