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Default Re: what age, type of hair do the basic clips work for?

Yes, many of your items can be bought here. You can dig through the $1 bin at Michaels if you have one, or search Hobby Lobby or Joanne even Hancock fabrics when they have sales. There is a forum section just for supplies that has suppliers of all sort of things.

On the alligator clips. Two-pronged are tighter in the hair in my opinion, but not everyone agrees, you can get a box of 100 clips for about 6 dollars with tax at Sally Beauty Supply in most areas.

They work well for pulling my 7 year old dd's bangs/side pieces back when her hair is down (I do this in school colors to keep her hair out of her face when lookign down at books). They also stay in most fine hair fairly well (my 3 year old neice wears them to keep her hair out of her face and to where they don't intefere with the microphone attachments on her hearing aids. You can also put them through one of those tiny rubber bands on little kids and hide the band and just look like there's a barrett up there.

good luck,

Michelle and APB
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