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Default best way to cut marabou / feather boa?

I'm getting ready for my first craft show / festival. I was adding marabou (sp?) to a bow and cut it with my heat tool, just like I would a ribbon. It STUNK! Peeeyuuu! I thought if I just cut it with scissors that it might unravel or come apart. Please share how you have or would cut it.

I haven't been on the board much, since I teach Pre-K full time. (the beginning of the year is sooo busy!) I am also getting ready for my first ever show. It's a small local festival, so I'm not all that nervous, just worried if I will make back what I am spending on booth rental, etc. I'm really just doing it to get my bows and name "out there" since I haven't had good sales on my website.
Any tips for a newbie?
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