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Originally Posted by palmettogirl View Post
I just purchased the templates from TNT and printed the directions until my ink ran out. I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to go purchase more ink. Now I need to wait on the delivery...I sure hope it doesn't take too long for shipping. It makes total sense to cut the ribbon, heat seal and then sew. I'm trying to make bows for my daughter's school holiday market. I'm on a mission now....
She will get them out tomorrow I am sure of it. She makes a trip to the PO every day...Today is a holiday so she can't go today...I love making them like an assembly line...they go much faster I think. Another tip...if you use UB ribbon (which i use both Ub and schiff) I starch the ribbon before I sew because it is not so flemsy...does this make sense???? Hope you get lots done....
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