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Default How well to woven your woven headbands sell?

Here comes another question I have for all of you experts (whom I have adopted as my mentors!). How well do your woven headbands sell? I have made several for my DD and had a couple of moms ask about them when they saw the one my DD wore to church. I was just wondering if it would be well worth my time (and investment) to begin making these in mass quantities. I think they are adorable, but I have come to learn in recent times that just because I might LOVE something...doesn't necessarily mean everyone else will. What is your experience with selling these headbands?
Let me just say that this is the BEST forum EVERRRRRRRR! The information, resources, and advise that you all give has been of great value to me. Thank you, my mentors, for taking your time to help those of us who are still learning. You are the best!
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