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Lightbulb Addition to bow holder

Hi Ladies, I am so excited, I haven't been here very long and I have learned so much from you all. I have been making bows for my grand daughters for Christmas, which have been turning out pretty good if I do say so myself, thanks to you all. I decided I would make them a bow holder so they would have some place to keep these bow. I did the wooden initial with the ribbons hanging from them. Then I thought they needed a place for their pony O's and hairbands. So, at the ends of the handging ribbons, I added about 2 inches and folded towards the back and attatched velcro forming a loop. Now they can open the loops and attatch their pony O's and bands and then velcro them shut. Everything nice and neat in one central location. I hope I explained this good enough to understand. Like I said, I am excited, this is my first original idea. I hope it is original, I haven't seen it before. Anyway, I think it is a neat idea.
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