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Originally Posted by MichelleB View Post
I made a bow bouquet for a charity auction using the bamboo skewers found in the grocery store, wrapped with green floral tape. You can clip the alligator clips right on the stick or add a loop of wire/pipecleaner (or a wad of extra tape) at the top of the stick so you can angle the clip in the direction you prefer for your arrangement. The french clips were a little tricker - I had to tape them on because they didn't hold on to the stick well by themselves.

Picture attached. I used a basket with florist foam inside and a green silk plant, then added the bows on sticks (and a few of the clippies, like bees and ladybugs, I clipped right on the leaves of the plant).

Good luck!

that is soooooo cute...I love it. I use a plant too. I am making some for my shop for Christmas Gifts...They are talks of the party's I have been too...and here in West Texas nobody has never seen them...

Great job!!!!

Lord Bless,
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