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Originally Posted by sykomommie View Post
What is the best way to cut and seal corkers? I have cut and heated with a lighter, and cut with a wood burner. What is the best way to hold the corker ribbon open while you cut it with a wood burner? I am finding it hard to keep the curls seperated and cut with a wood burner without maring up the some of the sides of the ribbon, do'es that make any since?

I use a wood burner to cut korkers and hold down the curled ribbon with a pair of ordinary household tweezers. I cut between the two "prongs" of the tweezers while pressing the ribbon down on a flat, heat-resistant surface/cutting board. You could use small kitchen tongs, or an alligator clip held in the open position - anything that gives you a space to cut in between. Having the space keeps the woodburner from inadvertantly hitting the parts of the ribbon you don't want cut, and it's a lot safer than holding the ribbon down with your fingers, in my opinion.


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