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Default Re: Is this just MY luck (RABOM)

I don't wanna be a RABOM hater, they have been pretty good in the past... just these few things are ticking me off. I love the quality of the ribbon, I would just appreciate a continuous cut... that is a huge pain the the butt when you're in the middle of a bow fold and you have to waist like 5+ inches of ribbon because it doesn't finish the bow you are working on right then!!

I like TRR a lot, they have quick shipping BUT they are often out of key colors in certain sizes. I make a list of stuff I need as I run out. If I go to place an order and I can't get say 2 out of the 6 items I need... I will not buy from them. That's why I keep going back to RABOM because they almost always have ribbon in stock in every size (solids).

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