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Default Is this just MY luck (RABOM)

I am getting kinda ticked @ RABOM. In various different rolls (mostly 3/8" size) I'll be working on something and then BAM I find that it's not a continuous cut. They've taped 2 ends of ribbon together in the middle of the freaking roll. That ticks me off beyond belief.... especially when I'm rolling up korker dowels !!!!!

Also, I ordered some of the Christmas printed argyle ribbon. I ordered 10 yards. I got them, and one spool has a brighter more crisp print on it and the other's colors look dull. I have spent SOOOO much freakin money there in the last 2 years it's not even funny. I emailed (and they FINALLY answered) and they want me to ship it back. Yeah I guess this is a standard business practice but they should just send me a new roll.... what a pain in the butt.

Anyways. Just needed to VENT!!!
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