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Default Bottlecaps: attaching to alligator clips and pony-os

Ok- I love making bottlecaps and putting on regular bows with clips, but I am having trouble figuring out how to attach to other things:

Etsy :: 2luvbugs :: Bottlecap Pony Tail Holders
Ok, on these, do you just sew the pony-o to your ribbon, then attach the bottlecap to thin ribbon and wrap around like you would a regular bow center? Will it stay.

Etsy :: lapinkfleur :: MLP My little Pony Bottle Cap Hair Clips
Do these work because the cap is glued closer to the rasied end? I tried attaching my ribbon the back of the bottlcap with e600 and then just wrapping around the clip and securing, but I couldn't get it tight enough. Does that make sense? Maybe I attached the ribbon to the bottlecap in too big of an area?

Etsy :: punkyfaedesigns :: Welcome Home Daddy Bottle Cap Clippies
These look like they are in the middle of the clip instead of at the end.

Thanks so much for your advice. I'm sleep deprived and can't think straight!
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