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Default Re: Confused with lots of details-help!!

If you do a craft show, you will have to have a Tax ID. I've NEVER had a craft show that collected taxes and then filed them themselves. Every craft show I've done in Texas and Lousiana has required you to have a tax id and for you to handle all your own taxes.

It gets a bit tricky because you have to pay local taxes wherever you sell the item. For example, I was in Lafayette this last weekend and the local taxing authority came and picked up their 4%. It was crazy (never had that happen).

Taxes aren't something you want to mess with. At least Texas is pretty darn serious about collecting their taxes! You definately want to visit with your local Small Business Office to figure out the correct way.

Filing for the tax id was (I think) free. Filing a DBA was 25. It's not an expensive process.
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