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Default Re: Stupid question re pony o's....

Originally Posted by hoosiermama08 View Post

This is probably going to be a dumb question but I'll ask anyway. I am trying to make pony o's with a bow attached-- I guess you could consider it a cheer type bow. Anyway, I am wondering how the bow will keep from getting all flat and yucky looking once I attach it and my daughter starts wearing it. I am thinking that, when you start to wear it and are twisting the pony o around the hair several times won't the bow start looking flat and lose it's shape? Am I making sense, lol?


Why don't you make the bow removable. Put the bow on a alligator clip and then put some ribbon on the pony o to make it like an interchangeable headband. I know I've seen it discussed on here before. This way you could tighten the pony, and then put the clip on. Just an idea

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