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I love the Gator Bite.... the new design is more like a actual gator clip being made of plastic now instead of wood...

I use the 1/8 grosgrain or satin or whatever is cheapest to tie it off.

I also found that when you go to do the intial tie off instead of looping the ribbon once (like when you tie your shoes) you instead loop it 2x it holds the inital knot better and will give you 8 out of 10 a 3crease...

hope this helps anyone thinking of buying one... my sill tried to teach me to fold an crease and sew by hand method....I got the fold part no problem.... the crease part PISSED me off

frustrated I went cruzing the net and found the gatorbite... I bought it on a whim.... played with it for a afternoon and took a bow that I made the previous afternoon to my SILs...needless to say she was a little amazed that I made a perfect bow... then I showed her the gator bite... she palyed with it for a couple hours.... I didnt get it back till hers came in the mail 2 weeks later
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