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Default Re: best embroidery/sewing combo??

Thanks for the imput. Oh, they have so many new machines out and honestly wondering why they are even selling "home" machines for that much. That brand new Brother is over $10,000- yes I typed it right, and the new Janome is just about the same I believe it is only a $1000 difference between the two. Needless to say I choked when I saw the price. In this market I can't even fathom spending close to that on a machine. If this is the price they are going to start marketing machines at, then I should probably wait and save for a commercial machine! Oh, my.
I did break down and get a serger, which I love, just wish it did coverstitch. I opted for the price since it was my first serger, but I should've probably spent the extra hundred or two and got one with the coverstitch option- I am starting to feel the need for one-LOL! I really do want my embroidery machine, but I don't have enough room on the Credit card right now and well needless to say in this economy I don't have the cash either. If any of you get to splurge on one of those new machines- post your review on it,I would love to hear if it really is worth all that money!
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