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Default Bottle Cap Center Bows Sell Well???

I am thinking of entering a HUGE 3 day festival in March and I am a SAHM to a 2 1/2 year old who doesn't like it when my attention isn't on her (what 2 yr old doesn't?). So I need to start working now!! And I am working on some ideas that aren't just the plain ol' bows. (Just in case there is another "bow lady" there so that I can compete!) I was going to do alot of big layered bows, since they sold really well at my last festival. Do the bottle cap center bows sell REALLY REALLY well for y'all?? I was thinking of doing different themes, like Princesses, Hello Kitty, so on. But, I didn't want to slave away over these if they don't sell well. I would be doing them on bows ranging in cost from $8-$16.00. Thanks!!!

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