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Default Re: My Hotfix Arrived Today!

i use it when i bling designs...

Hotfixqueen explains it better Mylar Design Paper:

HotFix Mylar Design Paper - Making your own Hot Fix Transfers is simple!
How to Design a Hot Fix Motif- HotFix Design Paper is a 2 part paper - a clear heat resistant plastic see through sheet and a white opaque protective backing. After choosing your design make sure you print it out in the mirror image (this is extremely important for words as your transfer will be created in the mirror image). Separate the 2 sections of hot fix paper and place the clear sticky side up with your design underneath. Using a pair of tweezers pick up your stones/studs and place them upside down onto the clear sticky heat resistant paper (the glue will be facing you). When you are done placing the stones replace the white opaque sheet to keep your design protect until you are ready to use it.

Edit to Add:

1)..Pick Design and using the Mylar paper, I sorta *trace* the design using the method above, as per Hotfixqueen explanations.

2) Walaaa...Iron on or Hotfix the design unto the bow...

Originally Posted by mcaobui View Post
Can I ask what do you use the Mylar paper for? I noticed it on their site and was curious.
I love to bling things and if there is something out there that is going to make things easier...then I gotta know ...LOL

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.

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